The best home Remedies for Oral Cancer

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Oral cancer, also called mouth cancer, is more common in men than women. It usually starts at the lower pallet and the tongue. It spreads quickly to other areas of the mouth, including the gums, salivary glands, inner cheeks, throat, tonsils and even the esophagus. Without proper care and treatment, the cancerous cells can spread to the neck, head and the other parts of the body.

Best Home Remedies For Oral Cancer :

1 Eating leafy vegetables:
The American Institute for Cancer Research recommends patients to increase consumption of cancer fighting foods like leafy green vegetables and cruciferous vegetables (like cabbage). These foods reduce the size of tumors and prevent them from spreading and recurring, thanks to their potent anticancer properties.

2 Green tea:
Green tea is loaded with antioxidants that help flush out free radicals and other harmful organisms from the body. These are the organisms that can trigger oral cancer or aggravate its symptoms. Drinking green tea within limits (two cups) daily can help reduce the symptoms of oral cancer and prevent recurrences.

3 Raspberries:
Oral cancer can be treated effectively by drinking a cup of raspberry juice every day over the duration of treatment. Fresh raspberry juice is preferable vis-à-vis packaged drinks, since the preservatives in the latter can prove counterproductive.

4 Tomatoes:
Tomatoes are very effective in treating oral cancer mainly due to lycopene, which gives it the red colour. Lycopene acts as an antioxidant and frees the body of harmful free radicals. The Vitamin C in tomatoes also helps to prevent skin cell damage which can also lead to oral cancer.

5 Avocados:
Avocados are rich in vitamins C and E which help treat oral cancer by eliminating pre-cancerous cells in the mouth. If left untreated, the cancer cells can multiple rapidly and spread to other areas of the mouth.

6 Drumsticks:
The leaves of the drumstick plant are known to treat oral cancer effectively. The leaves need to be dried and powdered. Add a teaspoon of the powder to a cup of boiling water. Drink it regularly over the treatment period.

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